Social Anxiety… The other kind…

It’s effecting everyone in business.

In a new study, it’s said that 43% of Americans are considered “constant checkers” when it comes to social media. With this in mind, citizens age’s 18–30 all have a variation of Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter… to name a few. Whether you’re checking the weather or seeing what the Kardashian’s doing in the south of France, I think its safe to say today’s population is suffering from a new case of Social Anxiety.

“Technology can also be the biggest party pooper of our lives” — Steven Spielberg

Now, this is not about the normal case of “social anxiety” everyone’s familar with, this is quite the opposite. Have you ever felt anxious for no reason at all, and find yourself going through every app downloaded on your phone? Knowing nothing new is going on? Kind of like when you would open the fridge and close it, open it again, close it, etc. These habbits have created a new catagory within anxiety.

With more and more technology being put into all all different platforms, it is easy for one’s self to rummage through all sources of media and “see it all”. But where do we go from there? There has to be more right? Wrong. And honestly, there will not be more content until someone posts the next thing.

Technology has done great things for both the Marketing and Sales world, but it has also, like anything else, if not treated with responsibility, done harm. Hear me out, and think about it, all the hours spent in Snapchat instead of making that extra phone call. All the times you refreshed the Instagram page, instead of sending out a few more emails, or following up on leads. Even all the times going on Twitter or Reddit instead of reviewing advertising expenditures. Below are my Top 3negatives on being listed as a “constant checker.”

“Time is money” — Ben Franklin

Being a constant checker does….

  1. Not allow you to live in the moment and daydream.
  2. Not allow you to innovate while enabling procrastination.
  3. Raises anxiety levels.

For all, sometimes living in the moment is when ones best work comes forth. Being able to daydream, you’re able to find problems, take those problems, and turn them into solutions. These solutions are mostly in the form of a product or service and since time is always a factor to sealing the deal, being able to step away from your phone and or unnecessary computer usage is key.

Innovation gone. Procrastination begins. Though you may not think “a few seconds” make a difference, it does. Here is a simple example on time consumption that applies to all.

“In one years worth of business days, using the restroom alone, with an average of 10 minutes, adds up to a 40 hour work week.” — Jack Dorsey CEO of Twitter

Now this is 40 hours already lost by using the bathroom! That is one work week where nothing is getting done. Now add up the average time spent on social media daily, and that could take you anywhere from 80 hours to 120 hours yearly on the extreme end, to the time using the restroom, and that right there is about a month, 1/12, or 8.3% of ones year dedicated to something other than work. Now if you’re in sales, think about your commission check and how much you make in a month…. Get my point.

“If you can change your mind, you can change your life.” — William James

Work is hard enough, and if you’re going to stay glued to your phone, how can you reach your best self or put out your best work? Constantly checking your phone will eventually have you running around trying to finish up on something to meet a deadline, or have you trying to meet a quota.

So for all those considered a “constant checker” try and learn from these negatives to make positives. Remember what can be accomplished by pivoting and repositioning your “spent time”. Know that by putting in the work on the front nine, you’ll see the results on the back. Catch up on everything else at home or on the weekend.

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