Innovation in schools of any type needs to start with the idea that the goal is not to force kids to abandon their passions and interests for our curriculum when they come to school, which is what we currently do.
Stop Innovating in Schools. Please.
Will Richardson

Call me a dreamer, but I would hope that education and learning would provide students with a broader worldview, extending beyond their own imprinted passions based on limited life and social experiences (video games which glorify violent misogyny, social media “follows” that, like an echo chamber, reinforce traditional/archaic cultural norms for appearance and behavior, or the objectification or dehumanization of themselves or “others”, for example). As I’ve said before, does this approach not risk entitling a generation of students to a very self-centered and limited view of the world, much as, without being forced to learn of Galileo’s models, we’d raise a generation of geo-centrists never questioning the knowledge that “the earth revolves around them”?