Tactical Advantages of Using A Tactical Pole Camera

With the growing threat of unfortunate incidents taking place in broad daylight, the job of security personnel is becoming more intense. With advancing technology, the anti-social elements also have become smart and use sophisticated weapons and technology to deflect the blanket of security and reach important and vulnerable spaces. In the recent wake of terrorist, racial attacks and mass shootings, it has become imperative for the personnel to take advantage of modern equipment to nab the criminals who are hiding with ammo in a house of closed space.

Such criminal masterminds have an edge over the personnel as they have surveyed the target location a couple of times before attacking it and know the inside-out of the place. Thus they end up becoming kill zones for the officers if the criminal knows how to use his weapons to cause maximum destruction. In the recent years, pole cameras have emerged as a tactical device that can save the lives of many officers by helping them in surveillance of the premises occupied by the perpetrates without actually having to enter the line of fire. They allow the personnel to get a clear view of the area even beyond their line of sight and use the information to get instructions from their commanders about conducting the operation. They are ideal to be used when an assailant has locked himself/herself inside a room and it is difficult to get a glimpse of the area. The pole cameras are quite advanced in their make as there are no external wires, the camera display is of HD quality that gives crystal clear visuals and has the ability to switch to IR mode for night vision which could go up to 40 feet.

Another advantage of a tactical camera is that it comes with an interchangeable camera head that can be replaced with an Under Door Camera Head (UDC) to peep inside a closed room and understand the situation. The UDC has its own set of incredible features like IR and dual (back of the door) camera views and an amplified audio to hear the hushed voices. In addition, an aluminum probe can be attached to the camera head to assist in the lifting of bulky attic accesses without deviating from the set camera head angle of 90 degrees.

The controls for the tactical cam are present on the handle for ease of handling and come with a charging port, audio and video out, power switch and brightness control.

Author’s Bio: The author is an avid reader and writer. This article is about tactical pole cameras for surveillance and assistance in threatening situations.