How To Truly Cure Myopia Naturally

Years ago, I learned an important lesson; the body is a delicate system. A finely tuned machine that needs to be in balance. It’s made up of various systems that also need to be in balance.

I also learned that your visual system is one of them. We call the balance of it — the “Triangle of Sight”.

As you can see, the “Triangle of Sight” has three pillars:

  • The Mental/Emotional Pillar
  • The Chemical Pillar
  • The Physical Pillar

All pillars are influencing each other.

In a nutshell; Your mind and emotions impact your hormonal balance. Your hormonal balance impacts your physical state. And the way you hold your body influences your mental state.

It goes in all directions the same way. Again, we’ll discuss exactly how that works in our next eye healing class.

What Causes Myopia?

We developed this model because we needed to illustrate to our clients that myopia means that something is wrong in your body-mind system. It’s not a problem in your eyes. What they were told about myopia causes is too superficial.

After losing my mom at early age, and not being able to cope with my life for year, I learned that myopia simply means something is out of balance in this system.

There is something mental/emotional that you don’t want to look at in your life.
=> usually it’s a problem to see your future clearly

There is too much toxicity and some lack of nourishment in your body’s chemistry

You organs and your body are not properly balanced out due to lifestyle factors

One thing to keep in mind, your eyes are actually a sub-section of the body. Interestingly enough they are the least important part. I discuss that in-depth in a free email series/course I’ve put together for you.

The reason is that…

You Don’t “See” With Your Eyes…

…you merely perceive light information in the eyes, but the picture is flipped, filtered, and put together in the mind.

You actually only see 10–20% of the information your eyes perceive. So if there is something obstructing the chain in any of these pillars, your eyesight will be impacted.

When I got my glasses with 16 years of age, I had a lot to black out. I tried to black out my entire emotional life from the previous 8 years.

I lost my mom to cancer and nobody helped me cope with it. I had to move countries and got cursed all day long without being able to speak the language. And I had to waste years of my life in military service making coffee and getting yelled at from morning ’til night.

So I soon learned that to “cure” myopia you have to uncover what your root causes are in each of these areas and systematically work with all areas to get your vision, life, and health back into balance.

As a results you’ll improve myopia, but more importantly get more energy, vitality, and a more meaningful life in the process.

It’s an exciting journey to take!


What Can Cure Myopia?

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