Mi Tierra

Mi Tierra, My Land.

There is a purpose behind this exhibit that is blatantly represented by all 13 pieces. “Mi Tierra has subjectively put each piece into one exhibit, drawing notice to the common theme of alienation, home and culture”. Although Mi Tierra specifically projects this concept onto the Hispanic community, I find it especially important that everyone who visits the exhibit is able to identify with this message. Alienation, struggle, culture and isolation are all experiences that every single human being faces at one point or another. Remembering this and finding empathy for the struggles of others is a moral staple that many people ignore or undermine its importance. The Latinx community has continuously faced such adversity and especially in terms of immigration, is widely ignored by others. I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the importance of empathy, welcoming and openmindedness that our country often lacks and that Mi Tierra represents.

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