Not all sellers are created equal

Case study. Keepons on Amazon. If you spend some time perusing Keepons product pages on the world’s biggest online retailer you’ll notice some glaring difference between them and their competitors. First, Keepons competitors basically sell Keepons knockoffs since Keepons invented silicone eyewear retainers to stop your eyeglasses from slipping. But knock off Keepons are really bad in quality. And more expensive. Second, Keepons has a warranty in place that goes above and beyond Amazon’s default warranty. Actually these days Amazon won’t stand by their usual 30 day warranty for products belonging to this subcategory because eyewear retainers are now considered personal hygiene items (sort of like how companies don’t let you exchange or return underwear you’ve taken out of the package). But Keepons will send you replacements if you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, entirely free of charge, and they don’t require that you send the original back to them. Third, Keepons goes out of their way to reply to both positive and negative reviews. It’s funny reading Amazon reviews for Keepons. Some people leave bad reviews complaining that their Keepons don’t fit their glasses which leads to point four. Keepons are not one size fits all, and the company goes out of their way to warn you not to buy their products unless you’ve read their fitting guide. What the heck? Who does business like this? In contrast, most sellers jump at the chance to make a sale and thereby overpromise and underdeliver. That’s why these negative reviewers are so funny. The company warns you not to buy unless you read their sizing guide. You don’t read it. You buy Keepons. They don’t fit. And then you leave them a bad review. To Keepons’ credit, even if you bought the wrong size, they’ll happily send you the right size and don’t require you to send the wrong one you bought back to them (since the cost of postage to send products back in such cases is usually more than the product itself). Good for you Keepons!