I was studying algorithms recently and I came across this question

“The area of a circle is defined as πr². Estimate π to 3 decimal places using a Monte Carlo method.”

I had absolutely no idea how to solve this problem. I hadn’t even heard what Monte Carlo methods were. So I decided to read up, and when I had it all figured out, it appears surprisingly easy and intuitive.

Monte Carlo Methods

Monte Carlo methods fall into a category of algorithms that employ random sampling techniques to estimate the values of unknown parameters. …

I woke up 2 mornings ago, thinking about some amazing things in tech and I got lost in thoughts.

Then, I got to work. I work in tech, so I saw more tech and starting thinking about more tech. I think I got tech-drunk. Then I thought, I should write a short post talking about some things in tech that excite me.

Is there anything easier than talking about things you’re excited about?

Here are a few things that I can go on and on about, and probably bum you out

1.Virtual Reality — I’ve had a VR Headset for a while now and yes, I thought it was cool but it never really ‘excited’ me till Facebook’s…

Recently, I was trying to implement a new feature on a REST API I’m working on. The feature is a familiar one we see while trying to register on social media platforms:

To check if a username is available / taken.

This might seem like a fairly trivial endpoint to write. I was working with Django so I wrote something along the lines of this :


It worked. Pretty easy. A client could now just send a POST request to this endpoint, with whatever username and the client could find out whether the username was available or not. However…

Image classification is an application of machine learning that has become so useful these days. When we use Google to search for images,it provides extremely accurate results that were previously not possible. As an example, given two images: one of a cat and another image being of a dog, as humans we can easily tell apart these images making it seem like a trivial task. However computers didn’t really excel at these kind of problems until the last few years.

Google’s TensorFlow is an open-source machine learning framework that enables developers get started with building machine learning models quite easily…

Recently, I have been reading up on data structures and algorithms and as I studied , I tried implementing a couple of data structures (trees, linked lists , hash tables). Among these, I found the linked list concept most interesting and also relatively easy to implement so I decided to make my first medium write-up about linked lists .

What is A Linked List ?

A linked list can be simply described as a linear data structure that contains elements (called nodes) . Each node must contain 2 vital components : it’s value and a reference to the next element of the linked list .

Singly Linked List (Image : https://www.dbader.org/static/figures/python-linked-list-visualization.jpeg )


Eyitayo Ogunbiyi

Software Engineer

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