Andela Fellowship Week One: Key Takeaways, Expectations, and Success Plans

by Ifiokabasi Eyo

My journey to become a leader in the tech ecosystem and a successful world class software developer through Andela continues. It is my first week as an Andela fellow, and quite a lot has happened in seemingly short time. More importantly, induction into the fellowship happened on Monday, 3rd April, 2017. It was quite interesting, informative, and educative. I took with me a lot to shape and define my journey to being EPIC. I am better informed of what is expected of me as an Andela fellow. I have my mind set on working and adhering to a success plan which accommodates positive radical change.

Firstly, I am better informed on how to maximize and take advantage of the vast pool of knowledge and experience in Andela to own my learning and development process. I am better prepared mentally and psychologically for life in the first 3 months of fellowship. I know it will be tough and very demanding mentally and psychologically, but the pep talk and interactive sessions with the Training and Learning Team has been helpful in calming down anxiety.

Secondly, I learnt that the core values at Andela are important if am to succeed and make impact not only in Andela, but in the world at large. At Andela, I would be learning, and applying what has been learnt to efficiently and effectively solve real life problems. I learnt that success especially in moments of difficulty and confusion will depend so much on my mindset. Having the right mindset is the first step to progressing and I am aware that everyone around me is out to help me progress, all I have to do is reach out to them. To succeed, I have to be a seeker of excellence at all times, remain passionate about what I’m doing, always uphold my integrity and always be willing to collaborate.

Expectations have been set, and to achieve my ultimate goals, I need to understand these expectations and embrace them as they are meant to keep me on the path to success. At Andela, learning would be continuous, change would be constant, expectations would be high, I would be competing with myself to make sure I’m better each day and eventually become a master of my craft.

In order to meet and exceed the expectations at Andela, I would be continuously challenging myself to be better all round and also ensure the core values are integrated and reflected in every aspect of my life. I see no other way to achieving my goal but through hard-work, commitment and dedication.