Andela’s Boot camp: My experience so far

by Ifiokabasi Eyo

It has been two weeks already since I arrived Lagos for Andela’s Boot camp, and it has been a wonderful experience. I am grateful that I was given the opportunity to be a part of this programme because I have learnt so much. Andela has endeavoured to maintain a world class standard for mental and organizational development in programming and they have done a good job.

Andela’s support system has been tremendous. In my previous post, I had mentioned how power supply was a challenge in meeting deadlines. I laid out my concerns with regards to the problem and they were gracious to grant me permission to use the office facilities as well as access to internet. This greatly reduced my lag time as I could comfortably focus on delivering my best each day.

Andela’s social support structure is also incredible. Through the Andela Slack Channel, Andela listens to the concerns, challenges, thoughts of bootcampers and is able to reply swiftly. The level of commitment they give to everyone is outstanding.

Looking at Nigeria’s current state and work ethic, the Andela culture stands out as world class. Thank you Andela, for being the best!

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