An Anthology of Doodles

I am not an artist. I am a lover of art. And like most things I love, I try to practice and enjoy it through my own mediums (wink!). When it comes to art, I practice and enjoy it through my doodles. Yes, doodles. Like DoodleBob, doodles. As a student, I doodled through all of my classes. As an adult I doodle through conferences and meetings. This isn’t a sign of boredom or apathy. As the Wall Street Journal reported “People who were encouraged to doodle while listening to a list of people’s names being read were able to remember 29% more of the information on a surprise quiz later, according to a 2009 study in Applied Cognitive Psychology Studies.” Doodling has been found to help people retain information, grasp new concepts and focus. I’d like to think I am empirical proof that these studies are true. That being said, I want to share some of my doodles with the world, and along with the doodles, a short story that accompanies the picture. I hope you enjoy!

As I walked towards the house, the car sped off. I verified the address my supervisor gave me was the one on the front door. The trees swayed as a I walked closer, hoping the only occupant of the residence hadn’t just fled the scene. I knocked on the door twice, no answer. I knocked again. No answer. I hated when this happened. Who was going to eat this damn pizza.


The water was rushing at me at a blinding speed. Or was I rushing at the water? I was enamored by the cliff. I hadn’t seen land in over 120 days since I had set sail from Guanabara Bay. I didn’t know where I was and I didn’t care. I saw the shrubs, the dirt, the rocks, and I jumped in head first. Now I wonder if the land will kill me before I even set foot on it. This trajectory is no beuno.


The stars huddled around one another and discussed the direction in which the moon was pointing. It made no sense. He was a damn fool. But they didn’t know he was a damn fool with no sense. Constantly changing shape, changing his mind, changing his attitude. They didn’t understand his temperament and had no interest in learning! Fool!


There was being forgetful and there was being irresponsible. The man was so concerned about the cat stuck in the tree, so concerned with rushing over to get it out, so concerned with the height and the danger of the cat’s situation, he ignored his own peril. There was being forgetful and there was being downright irresponsible.