Why Your Sewer Keeps Backing up

Top 4 Reasons why Your sewer keeps Backing up: (Also how to prevent back ups from happening.)

Have you ever had a back up in your sewer? If so then you know the gross things that i will happen to your house. For example: Poop coming up in the shower, toilet overflowing with water coming out from the bottom and the top of it. Well do I have the tips and tricks for you!

Before we get into this list let me tell you some of the concerns that home owners tell me before i even get into there house. “ It has to be a collapsed pipe! Or i get it has to be Tree Roots!”. And as a Drain Cleaner for Five years I can tell you it’s typically never those things. A lot of your plumbing being back up is what you’re putting down your drain that you should not put down.

1! Rust: Now in the last one I said “ This one isn’t really a problem with the older generation born before 1972.” Here is the reason why, all of the list above is for home that are older then 1972. Because they started using PVC in the 1970’s. The thing with rust is the pipe on the inside is getting old. Which is making the pipe break down and leave rust peices in the pipe that the water can’t push out of your sewer.

2! Wet wipes: I get why home owners use them, but the one thing home owners don’t understand is that they dont break down in the sewer. Also they are to heavy to travel with the water. Causing them to just sit in the pipe and let more wipes catch on to them.

3! Tampons: This one isn’t really a problem with the older generation born before 1972. Being the age of 22 if i wasn’t a Drain Cleaner I would be just like everyone else and say why can’t she flush those down there? But when you think about it Tampons are made to Clog as gross as that sounds. But they do a great job at it especially to your sewer!

4! Paper Towel: Everyone uses paper towel is when you run out of toilet paper, becuase you where to lazy to run to the store and but some. But that’s alright everyone is guilty of it just like everything on this list. Just don’t be lazy go buy some or order it online, Amazon will get it to you in a day!

Before you scarying yourself into having to spend more money with the plumber, make sure you don’t say these keywords to him Tree Roots and Broken Sewer Line.