What’s the deal with “Eyr”?

Here at Eyr Medical we are proud of our Norwegian and Scandinavian roots. But we are often asked where our name comes from, because even in Norway Scandinavia, it is less known. We think of the name Eyr as a tribute to Old Norse tales, which include stories of various gods and goddesses during the pagan period in the Nordics. Many of their stories continue to be told today in Scandinavian Folklore. The name Eyr is a variation of the Norse Goddess Eir — the goddess of healing. The name means help, mercy, protection and peace. Eyr was associated with medical skill, and as the legend goes, she lived atop Lyfjaberg, or the “hill of healing” surrounded by her helpful spirits. She was also respected as a life giver as she often presided over childbirth. Eyr strives to take on the energy and essence of Eyr the Goddess in our company and continue on her legacy of health, protection and service.