Mapping the World Artificial Intelligence Landscapes

There’s so much going on lately with AI that i found myself quite lost. There’s amazing content out there about artificial intelligence startups and some guys really did try to map their own ecosystem but no one tells us where to look for it. Sometimes, it’s Twitter sometimes it’s Facebook or Linkedin. Maybe Medium ? No Reddit. Just kidding. Or in proprietary blog posts ? Of course which one ? Don’t know ! Fuck ! let me google that for you. Endless content loop of hell.

Anyway, i thought i’d help you save time. Here are all the landscapes related to AI available i could find. Well not all of it but enough to sate your brain’s out. Please, if you find more of them, put the link in the comments.


Evolution’s Landscape

Technology’s Landscape

United States’ Landscapes

France’s Landscapes

Credit : Bpifrance Le Hub, FranceisAI

United Kingdom’s Landscape

Credit : David Kelnar’s amazing work. Check out for more insights.

Germany’s Landscape

Credit : Check out Fabian’s amazing work for other insights

Israel’s Landscape

Credit: Daniel Singer’s incredible article.

Canada’s Landscape

Swiss’ Landscape

China’s Landscape

Credit : Awesome Slideshare by Future Watch

Best Funded US AI Companies’ Lanscape

Best Funded European AI Companies’ Lanscape

Top VC Investors’ Landscape

Acquisition’s Landscape

Note : It misses Mobileye’s acquisition by Intel for 15B$

Vertical Industries Landscapes

Thank you all for reading this to the end. I’ll keep it updated for 2017–2018 as well.