The eyewear technology, works with an iPhone app that records the GPS location of your eyeglasses and tells the proximity when you’re searching for them indoors. This eyewear technology is backed by leading international pioneers including the founder of Aesop, Dennis Paphitis, and founder of Tyro, Andrew Rothwell.

Unlosable Eyeglasses Technology

These Are The World’s First “Unlosable” Glasses

Founded by young Australian entrepreneur, Allen Liao, Tzukuri eyewear is a new eyewear brand fitted with Bluetooth tracking technology that notifies you when you leave them behind. The idea came to Liao when he lost his friends favourite pair… Read more at GQ Australia

In a few months, Allen Liao and Michael Sutton now are planning to open 3 pop-up stores. Liao is also selling 13,000 units of unlosable eyeglasses in Australia alone. The eyeglass technology that obviously appeals to youngsters and old-timers can also notify people when they have moved about 16 feet away from them. The notifications increase as the eyeglass owner moves farther away.

Eyeglass Tracking Technology

LOOK: Sydney student’s ‘unlosable’ eyewear to see more countries

An enterprising Australian student has developed a pair of “unlosable” eyeglasses. He got Silicon Valley’s support and co-founded Tzukuri in Sydney in December 2013. Now his innovation is set to see more countries outside Australia. Allen Liao, who hails from Sydney’s eastern suburbs, figured out the need for this innovation after misplacing a friend’s pricey eyewear. Liao’s line of Tzukuri sunglasses combines Apple’s… Read more at International Business Times

Tzukuri — Introducing Unlosable Glasses

Beautifully handmade glasses you won’t lose. Designed for life. Made in Sydney… Watch here

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