Bancor Product Roadmap

Woody Allen once said something like “If you want to make God laugh, tell her about your plans.”

We, the team behind Bancor, have been building and deploying online services for decades, and can confirm this insight, from both strategy and software development perspectives. Still, we believe it’s important to maintain a detailed and encompassing product roadmap, and we’re excited to share it with the community as it provides a unique inside view of our vision for how the Bancor network and product will evolve.

“We believe that tokens and smart contract platforms enable mass-collaboration in a scale never seen before. Our number one goal is to build the tools that enable every end-user to participate in these modern-age ecosystems.”

We used Trello to share Bancor’s product roadmap and will be updating it as we move along. We’ve also enabled voting and public comments, so feel free vote for your favorite feature, or leave a comment on anything you wish to share your thoughts on with us.

The Bancor product roadmap is available here.