What could the BAT token sale have raised and what can we infer about the upcoming Bancor token…

We are not planning to deposit large amount of ETH into the smart token contracts at first. It would be a careful, gradual and manual process until we gain enough confidence for upgrading the contracts to be permenentaly immutable.

We will potentially place a significant amount in the buyback contract, however, it is an extremely simple code, and we plan, of course, to thoroughly audit it as well.

Regarding the structure, we believe anyone who reserched Bancor in advance, should have an equal opportunity to participate at the level of hers/his choice. The reason we installed a short 1-hour minimum is that we are not feeling obligated to accept “follow-up” contributions that may arrive as the fundraiser progresses.

Since we do not plan to use the entire amount in the next two years, we will be happy to lock the delta in the buyback contract to establish a fundraiser-price buy wall. Within two years, it is resonable to expect that additional funds would be required, and we would be happy to get additional ETH from the buyback contract, rather than liquidating foundation BNTs (which, of couser, would apply a negative pressure on BNT price).

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