EYWA project news.

Dear users!

🔗 We are pleased to announce the selection of Harmony One as the core network for our EYWA cross-chain protocol. It is a fast and secure blockchain for decentralized applications. The performance of the core network is based on 4 shards consisting of 1000 nodes that produce blocks every 5 seconds. The solutions used ensure low transaction fees.

🌟 Please be advised that the distribution of NFT and EYWA tokens for completing alpha testing tasks will take place after Mainnet goes live. According to our roadmap it is scheduled for the second quarter of this year. This is due to the upcoming Solana network testing and the need to calculate the total number of points earned as well as determine the uniqueness of NFTs. It is very important for us to test the EVM-incompatible Solana network on our platform. New tasks and detailed instructions will be added soon in our Telegram bot.
Thank you for your patience!

⚡️ Please note that the Metis Stardust network has been removed from the bot due to constant errors. Users who have completed tasks in this network will keep their points. Those users who did not have time to complete it can earn exactly the same number of points in the Special 9th stage of the alpha testing in a combination of BNB Chain Testnet — CoinEx Testnet networks.

Thank you,
Eywa Team



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