In the beginning, JavaScript and SEO were at odds, but now they can be best friends with the right planning.

The use of JavaScript is generally accepted as one way to speeding up perceived performance of a site, and there’s an overwhelming amount of data and studies that show performance has significant business ramifications. Just follow #perfMatters for a few hours.

So from developers to business stakeholders, there’s a strong desire to use a modern JS Heavy framework like Angular, Ember, React/Flux, Backbone, and more. But even with all the benefits from revenue, user experience, and code maintainability, many companies…

Eric Wu (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و

Head of Product & Growth @BloomNation. I ❤ Lean & #JTBD. Mentor, Advisor, Angel Investor, Amateur Dev, and Search Geek (IR + NLP).

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