Chose nothing but ez8a to get your business an easy, timely 8a certification

Getting your business 8a certified can be very cumbersome and time consuming unless you have a good consulting agency guiding your fortunes. There are a lot of consultants who can help to get your business 8a certified and ez8a is one of the most reputable names in this business out there. If you go about it independently, it might end up becoming a very time consuming job, something you can’t don’t have much of and can’t afford to lose much of.

Ez8a’s vision and mission is to help the disadvantaged sections of the society, economically and otherwise in meeting their objectives by helping them get certified and giving the much need push to their entrepreneurial ambitions. Certifications help the clients as they get federal preferences in contract award which further helps them obtain the correct federal contracting vehicles.

Ez8a helps minority and women-owned businesses meet their objectives by assisting them in obtaining an 8a Certification which is accredited by the Small Business Administration. Ez8a helps the socially and economically disadvantaged in getting certification provided the business must be owned and controlled at least 51% by “socially and economically disadvantaged” citizens.

Once certified, a business can remain for a maximum of nine years, as long as certain criteria are met once accepted certified entity under 8 (a) of the Small Business Administration Program.

8a certification can be an exhaustive process during the nature of the applicants of the businesses lining up for scrutiny and the absolute checks and balances put in place.

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