1. My Life: I love my life. There are many things that make my life great, for example my family, friends, hobbies and much much more. I tend to never really take life seriously and always try to have fun. Some things I love to do in my free time is to hang out with friends, workout, play basketball, and to listen to my music. Academics is very important to me and I try to put as much hard work and effort I can into it. One of my motives in life is, live life to the fullest everyday and to always stay positive everyday.


3. I did not take a picture of myself on Friday night and this picture was taken on Sunday night (close enough). In this picture I am doing my homework to be prepared for tomorrow.

4. Michael Jordan, Leonardo DiCaprio, Martin Garrix

These three people are just some of he people that inspire me. Michael Jordan inspires me because of his work ethic. His work ethic is amazing. Leo inspires me because he is a nice and awesome person who is trying to make a difference in this world. Martin Garrix inspires me because he is a young adult living his life and living it to the fullest.

5. This is my dream. My dream is to just be successful and have fun with what I am doing.

6. My perception on America is it is beautiful, helpful, and opportunistic. Opportunistic represents Chicago because there are so many job opportunities for people. The mountain represents Americas landscape and how cool it looks. Finally the random street sign represents America being there for you for help when you need it.

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