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Ez Cash is a blockchain-powered C2C marketplace that connects consumers directly with each other to enable them to buy and sell anything without needing an intermediary or middleman.

Ez Cash is one of its kind C2C platform where commerce is performed between private individuals. Ez Cash is a blockchain platform and will conduct its ICO sale in the coming days. For now, the team has launched an interesting airdrop campaign, complete details of which you can find here.

What is Ez Cash Airdrop Program?

Ez Cash is running an airdrop bounty campaign on its website. Under the offer, interested users can participate for winning some free EZE tokens (cryptocurrencies) by performing a number of easy activities.

Total free tokens to win: 2500 EZE tokens (~$ 150)

Max no of participants: 50,000

Under the Ez Cash airdrop, a total of 125000000 (125 million) EZE tokens will be offered to the first 50,000 participants. That means each participant can win 2500 tokens or even more for free. Interested yet? Here’s how to participate in the Airdrop Program.

Procedure to join the Ez Cash Airdrop

Follow the steps mentioned below to complete the airdrop process and win reward tokens.

Step 1: Visit EZ Cash airdrop form page — https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfTU3mNIST9wdLWINj-njU98LIVi0WOvsk-0zseei79uyyyFQ/viewform

Step 2: Visit EZ Cash telegram page https://t.me/ezcashtoken and join the group:

Step 3: Follow EZ Cash twitter handle: Follow the official Twitter handle of EzCash (https://twitter.com/ezcashtoken) with your original id.

Step 4: Like EZ Cash Facebook Page :(https://www.facebook.com/ezcashtoken) with your original id, kindly like and share the existing posts.

Step 4: Visit the website and Join our newsletter to connect with admin. Go to the website and click on “join Newsletter” button at the top. Follow the instructions, given on the page.

Step 5: Visit EZ Cash Airdrop Form and submit your Ethereum (ETH) wallet address there to complete the process.

The Airdrop reward tokens will be transferred to the ETH wallets of the participants who successfully complete all the steps mentioned above.

The Airdrop campaign is a way for the Ez Cash team to get the initial buzz started in the market and inform interested cryptocurrency users and investors about the new token and the project. The initial users of the platform will get exciting opportunities in the pre-ICO and ICO as well.

About Ez Cash

EZ Cash is a digital marketplace for commerce between consumers. It has been built upon the blockchain technology to enable a truly decentralized platform where users can directly connect and communicate with each other, without any interference of middlemen.

The main purpose of the Ez Cash project is to create and promote a new economy of individuals through a marketplace where you can buy or sell almost everything.

Wondering who is it for? EZ Cash is a marketplace for consumers. It has no place for businesses and established organisations. The platform directly establishes deals between consumer to consumer and enables them to get the best return for their goods and/or services.

Interested to know more? Visit https://ezcash.io/ to read more about the project.



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A Blockchain C2C Marketplace

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