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EZ Cash is a unique kind of C2C marketplace that allows consumers to trade (buy or sell) almost anything through the platform. It provides a secure, easy and smart way for consumers to trade in the cryptocurrency world.

Like any other blockchain startup, EZ Cash is all set to conduct its first pre-ICO sale which will start from 20 September 2018.

Let’s discuss how investors can benefit from purchasing the EZE Token.

EZ CASH — A C2C Blockchain Marketplace

EZ Cash is a blockchain-based C2C (consumer-to-consumer) marketplace that connects buyers and sellers on a common platform to enable them to trade things with each other. It is an online commerce portal for private individuals who want to buy and sell things without having to seek the help of a third-party or intermediary.

EZ Cash platform makes use of the blockchain technology to facilitate a peer-to-peer connection between sellers and buyers so that they can do business directly with each other rather having to pay an intermediary.

EZE token is the official cryptocurrency of the EZ Cash project.

Why invest in EZE token (EZ Cash project)?

EZ Cash is a one-of-its-kind C2C marketplace that is based on the blockchain technology. The marketplace is intended to help the local economies grow by enabling common users to easily buy or sell things through the platform. The aim is to connect companies, users, and businesses on a common blockchain ecosystem to ensure truly transparent and reliable transactions.

As for the benefits of the EZ cash for investors and users, here you go.

Blockchain benefits

The blockchain technology provides a new way of transactions on the internet. Unlike traditional electronic transactions where a third-party is required to verify or process the transfer, the EZCash blockchain allows users to manage their transaction without needing a middleman. The network itself verifies each of the transaction that goes through the blockchain. It makes the transactions faster, cheaper, and more secure.

A Global C2C Marketplace

Blockchain enables EZCash marketplace to provide its services on a worldwide space, where everyone, irrespective of their location, can access the platform for performing direct trades of anything.

The social community

EZ cash is also a social marketplace that benefits its platform users and investors through a rewarding system to incentivise members of the community for performing value-adding services that benefit the community and everyone in it.

Find and sell anything

With EZ cash marketplace, you can buy or sell almost anything and everything, including second-hand goods that you no longer need, new items, services, and deals. The platform can also be used for finding new deals nearby. Posting a new ad on EZ cash is also very simple.

Other platform features and benefits include private & secure transactions, high reliability, low cost, and decentralisation. To sum up, EZ Cash is a worthy contender for your next ICO investments.

So, if you are planning to invest in ICOs, mark your calendar with the schedule of the EZ Cash ICO, which starts from 20 September 2018.



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A Blockchain C2C Marketplace

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