Five Signs it’s Time to Outsource Your Content Writing

Sooner or later, enough is enough. Creating content for your website has gotten to be a hassle, and you need help. Sometimes the writing is on the wall and immediate action is clearly necessary, but sometimes you may keep trudging along with an inefficient content implementation strategy, doing the best you can and never getting a breather. If you’re on the fence about when to act, here are five signs it’s time for you to get help creating your content.

That Panda is just too darn fast

Google is always tinkering with its Panda algorithm, which decides what sites to feature toward the top of keyword search results based on the uniqueness, usefulness and SEO aspects of content on the page. Making sure your site’s content adheres to the newest best practices for maximizing SEO can be a full-time job in itself.

One of the biggest hang-ups in fending off penalties from Panda is the need to modify or replace old content as the bamboo-eating bear’s preferences change. By the time the next update comes along, you might not even have finished refreshing your content to comply with the last one. Often, marketers are left with a confusing mess. Do they need to adjust their revision strategy to comply with the new best practices, or just follow through and start fresh after the current initiative is complete?

Because Google has been known to update Panda as many as four or five times a year, you can see why the conundrum can keep compounding until content revision initiatives are pariahs in any road map. Unlike its namesake, this algorithm can be hard to keep up with. But eZdia readily adapts to Google’s algorithm updates and what they mean for marketing content best practices, because that’s how we ensure that our scalable content solutions exceed our customers’ expectations.

Blank stares, blinking cursors As anyone who’s put words to paper for a living can attest to, there is such a thing as writing fatigue. That moment where one wonders, well, what is there left to say? Creative juices are all dried up; you stare at the blinking cursor as your mind chases its tail.

If you happen to cruise by your writers’ desks and see more than one set of glassy eyes, most likely they’re writing too much about one subject or in one format. They need variety — or they need a break from writing to tackle other aspects of your marketing plan. They have talents you can leverage for other initiatives, but the constant pressure for more content is sucking up their time and your resources.

Turning content production over to an external content solutions company is by far the most efficient and affordable way to give your internal editorial team room to breathe. There’s more to your employees’ jobs than just churning out endless marketing copy. Give them the time to excel at more demanding tasks and leave the writing to a partner like eZdia. Because we’re always recruiting talented writers and editors, we are essentially distributing the editorial load, ensuring that throughput stays high and content maintains a fresh, creative feel — no matter the demand.

Faulkner’s guest-starring on your copy team You happened to review some of the email or product copy your freelancers or internal team are putting out these days. You could swear you’d read something like it before; maybe somewhere in The Sound and the Fury? Anyway, the bottom line is there’s some serious aspirational writing going on in your department. In a bad way.

This problem is often related to writing fatigue. Sometimes your wordsmiths just temporarily run out of ideas and then, well, maybe they get a little too creative in their struggle to meet quota. This can cause them to miss your target brand voice, encumber readers with confusing messaging and spend a heap of words conveying little meaning.

But content partners like eZdia don’t have to rely on a finite group of talented writers, and thanks to the task-by-task nature of eZdia’s crowdsourcing methods, we’re able to keep writers and editors focused and fresh. Our writers maintain a narrow, clear focus thanks to strict instructions for every piece of content, so you’ll get exactly what you want, Faulknerian novellas not included.

If you ever “unearth” content If anyone in your department has ever stumbled upon a cache of product descriptions or unpublished blog posts with mysterious origins, it’s time to reevaluate how content is managed and produced in your department. There’s a disconnect between who’s asking for content, who’s writing it, and who’s approving and publishing it.

It’s understandable: People get busy and are pulled off of one project as they’re needed on others. Initiatives, regardless of their merits, are dropped outright as your strategy pivots. And producing content at scale is a huge, complicated undertaking. It requires specialized knowledge of scalable workflows, continuous writer and editor recruitment and quality assurance methods that succeed regardless of volume.

By contracting out your content production, much of the organizational burden is shifted to a company that’s built itself around solving the above problems. eZdia specializes in delivering massive amounts of content to you in an organized, traceable fashion, so your company will never again have to go on a virtual search party for misplaced information. And if you ever do lose a file produced by eZdia, that’s no problem at all: We have duplicates ready for sending.

Your blog: a forced march down memory lane…with no pit stops You ask one of your writers to craft a New Year’s blog post that thanks all your awesome customers for their business. Great idea. But then you find out that the most recent post on your blog post is a New Year’s message. From last year.

Has it been that long since you updated your blog? Okay, maybe it hasn’t been a year, just a couple of months. Frankly, that’s almost as bad. A gap like that can do serious damage to your readership and the positive effect the blog had on your customer return rate.

Your staff obviously doesn’t have the time to keep the blog fresh and in a state that attracts and converts new customers. It’s time to let someone else get it back on track and producing effective new content.

A dusty blog is one of the most common signs of an ailing content production strategy, but it’s also one of the easiest to address. Just reach out to eZdia. Our deep pool of freelancers has you covered.

If you feel the pain of any of these scenarios on a consistent basis, it’s time to change things up. Contact eZdia to get a custom solution and help from our experienced account managers.

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