SEO Mistakes Your Website Can’t Afford in 2016

SEO or search engine optimization is a unique marketing technique capable of transforming your business. As it delivers superior rankings and enhanced visibility on the internet, an optimized business thus becomes empowered enough to leap out from the closet of obscurity and enjoys heightened presence across channels in digital space.

SEO however helps to only those websites that abide by the standard guidelines, rules and practices set by search engines. It won’t reward to those that engage in unethical or unnatural ways to boost rankings on the internet. It means, you can’t make SEO mistakes and hope to escape the wraths of search engines.

Similarly, you can’t make SEO mistakes and expect to enjoy better rankings. As search engines are quite specific about pursuance of their issued updates and guidelines, no website can afford to go against those laid out rules. If anyone does so, harsh penalties and steep downgrading of rankings often entail.

Make sure not to do some of these SEO mistakes this year:

Stop keyword stuffing

Forget about keyword stuffing and move ahead! This strategy no longer rewards as search engines now come laced with semantic capabilities. Only intent and context of the content, not word-to-word matching, now hold prominence. So, stop putting in more keywords in your content hoping to match with those of users’ queries.

Use at least some keywords

A content that lacks any keyword is largely a directionless content. Such content may fail to fetch SEO benefits in the desired way. Writing naturally and with a flow indeed has some merits but ignoring the value of keyword research and not using at least some keywords can mar optimization prospects in a big way.

Switch to long-form content strategy

Not switching to long-form content strategy would be a mistake. Make sure that you do 1500-word blog posts and get it spread across channels. Doing a 300-word posts are passes now, yet they bring some benefits. Give some rest to your short-form tactic as even search engines seem not liking it these days.

Strengthen your content marketing

Make sure to be regular with your blogs and posts. Never lose the grip with your content marketing assuming it not to be helpful. It does help, but only when you are regular and give more content to the web.

Analyze the SEO performance

Make sure to be always in the loop about those activities that search marketers do on your behalf. You have to keep a tab on the performance of SEO on various parameters to know how results are faring. Not doing it would be a mistake.


In overall, the best way to gain from SEO is to follow all those guidelines and updates that search engines bring from time to time. Not following them might lead you to make mistakes, which can hamper prospects of your business or website in a big way.

Originally published at on February 22, 2016.

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