Use Buying Guides to Boost Customer Loyalty and Retention

Content marketing is at the top of most marketing strategies.

“We need more content.” “That’s great content, how’d they do that?” “What type of content should we create?” “What is our customer looking for” “What do our customers need?”

Sound familiar?

Content Marketing Institute’s 2015 Benchmark Report shows Customer Retention/Loyalty and Engagement are tied for the number 1 goal of B2C marketer’s content marketing initiatives.

Buying Guides are common in SEO content strategies, specially among eCommerce sites. When it comes to engaging with your customer or promotion loyalty, a buying guide or how-to content can be an extremely valuable asset.

Creating authoritative, trustworthy guide-like content should be on your editorial calendar for 2015. Why, you ask?

Guides and how-to articles are loaded with benefits — Naturally rich in keywords, unique to the site and product, relevant to your customer, tailored for each customer stage, and easily fits in on every level of your site — from product to category pages, and even the homepage.

Join us for a live webinar, February 12.

We’ll be focusing on the many benefits of knowledge center type content, including:

  • best-in-class examples of buying guides
  • actionable steps to start creating how-to articles
  • specific content strategies to use how-to articles for customer loyalty
  • site and conversion optimization tips using buying guides


Originally published at on January 21, 2015.

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