What I learned about Content Marketing at the French Laundry!

The French Laundry, named #44 in World’s Top 100 Restaurants List, is the perennial favorite restaurant in the wine country of California. But it wasn’t just their incredible food and wine that got them there.

1) Impact Almost any eCommerce marketing activity you can think of is driven by visual and/or textual content. You need to create a statement!

2) Strategy Great content requires more than an understanding of you brand, voice, tone, look & feel. It requires strategy and process to get it done right.

3) Scalability Content without ability to scale or grow is nearly useless in the eCommerce world. Merchandisers, SEO’s and Digital Marketing Execs that want to be seen and heard need a large scale platform to drive traffic, sales and engagement!

4) Management “Crowdsourcing” without a management layer is like sending Zombies to The French Laundry. An utter waste of quality, time and resources.

5) Technology To make the content creation ecosystem efficient, you need them to work together, seamlessly. eZdia is a collaboration platform, so that all of your image producers, outside agencies, bloggers, internal creatives, researchers and our managed crowd can work together in an organized, constructive, efficient and cost effective manner.

About eZdia’s platform:

Our systems and services provide the tools needed for product attribute enrichment, building products & publishing them online, optimizing category and search pages, creating buyer’s guides to attract customers and boost conversion, producing product images, work-flow and resource management, team velocity reporting, API, and so much more! Ready for a demo? Request a demo here

Originally published at www.ezdia.com.

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