Year in Review: How eZdia Brought Innovation to Content Creation in 2015

Marketers know what content means for their businesses. Today every business has an online presence, and they understand how crucial excellent, unique content is for maintaining that presence. Content is king, and will remain so.

Having been in the industry for many years, we understand the various roadblocks that e-commerce companies face in order to fulfill their content needs. As marketers, we know they need a better approach for creating, distributing and understanding the performance of their content, but a lack of standard best practices and technology make it difficult to do so. In 2014 alone, marketers spent over $135 billion creating new digital content, but all of the time, money and resources spent on this content are wasted if it is not optimized and measured.

We have worked hard in 2015 to understand these concerns and bring efficiency to these processes, from creating content to publishing it on the web. Here we will discuss a few concerns faced by e-commerce businesses and our solutions for those concerns.

Why it’s important to have SEO-friendly content on your website

Did you know 78% of B2B buyers start their research with an online search? The primary way people will find your website or online store is by searching on a search engine like Google. SEO not only gives you more traffic but also helps you gain more brand visibility online. People will not find your site if you don’t have the right SEO strategy. It is essential for your business to have SEO-friendly content that ranks well on SERPs.

This becomes difficult when you work with thousands of product and category pages, but whether your website has 100 pages or 10,000 pages, the importance of SEO-oriented content remains the same.

So, how can this process can be streamlined when you work with thousands of content pieces? Fortunately, we have built a solution.

eZdia’s content creation platform not only helps you to create scalable content but also gives you the ability to make this content SEO-friendly. With its efficient workflow management feature, you can manage the entire workflow from keyword research to style guide enforcement to publishing. It helps you lay down structured SEO guidelines and create SEO-friendly content, streamlining the the whole optimization process of content creation.

Make sure you have the most effective keywords all in place

Choose your keywords wisely! We all have heard this before a million times. If you don’t have the right keywords, your website won’t rank well on search engines. Keywords play an integral role in the entire lifecycle of content — from content creation to distribution of content across the web.

Choose your keywords wisely! We all have heard this before a million times. If you don’t have the right keywords, your website won’t rank well on search engines. Keywords play an integral role in the entire lifecycle of content — from content creation to distribution of content across the web.

Keywords are the most important SEO element for every search engine. Choosing the right keywords to incorporate is the first and most crucial step to a successful SEO campaign. If you fail on this first step, the road ahead will be a bumpy one, and you may end up wasting your time and money.

We understand how important keywords are for a business. That’s why we offer a tool that can help you with easy implementation of your keyword strategy across multiple content pieces. The eZdia content creation platform makes it easy to integrate keyword research into the workflow. Our platform lets you specify your primary and secondary keywords, with additional notations like keyword density that helps you to maintain the appropriate keyword volume. Additionally, our platform’s keyword highlighting feature allows you to check the keyword usage in your copy at a glance.

How a creative brief can help shape your brand voice

Marketers and content managers shouldn’t settle for anything less than outstanding content that meets their brand needs and campaign goals. But, how do you create content that is in sync with your business goals and your overall brand? You need guidelines that can help you, not only in defining the rules but also to percolate the brand identity across marketing silos.

A creative brief can help with all of this. Whether you’re developing marketing campaigns, corporate collateral, blogs, customer success stories or any other piece of content, creative briefs guide and direct all these efforts.

In 2015 eZdia launched one of its most powerful features: “Creative Brief.” eZdia’s platform supports the creation and dissemination of powerful creative briefs. This lets you establish a standardized content structure and helps you retain your brand voice across multiple kinds of projects.

Are certain words hurting your brand identity?

Brand identity is the way a business is perceived by its audience. Consumers think with both the emotional and rational parts of their mind. Emotions are especially valuable for marketing, and you need to make sure you present your brand in an emotionally appealing manner.

It’s essential to focus on your brand voice, which not only establishes your brand personality but also helps you retain your customers. A business should take the time to establish its brand identity upfront, from the top down. How do you ensure your brand is presented in the right manner, especially when you partner with outside vendors to create content? Read what eZdia’s Brad Curtis has to say on this topic.

We understand how crucial brand identity is. To help businesses retain their brand voice, we have introduced a “negative filters” feature that lets you filter out words and phrases that are detrimental to your brand. With this feature, you can regulate any number of content projects at once.

Make your content sharable

Content creation in and of itself is not enough. Your content needs to be seen by the right audience to be impactful — which means you need to distribute the content on the proper online channels. This becomes difficult when you’re dealing with thousands blogs, articles, product descriptions, etc.

What if there was one place where you could not only create but also manage, publish and distribute your enterprise content?

eZdia allows you to create content and publish it easily through several in-built integrations to several CMS systems such as Adobe’s AEM, WordPress and many more. It has easy plugins and connectors with Microsoft Word. This not only reduces operational costs by reducing time spent managing content, but also gives you the flexibility to work with any type of tool for a comprehensive approach to content creation and distribution across any number of platforms.

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Originally published at on December 23, 2015.

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