New word alert: Writerpreneer (Writer+Entrepreneur+Engineer)

I should start a
'First Time with PEApod series'
- an educational series that explains technical terms with more relatable language, based on personal experience.

How did i get this inspiration?

We moved to our house off Lagos-Abeokuta Expressway in 2000. But it was not until October 2021 I actually visited Abeokuta for the first time.

As the bus drove past the Lafarge plant, I gazed on in awe.

You see, in Uni, we did a 2-unit course - ECE 328, Concrete Technology.

One of the topics was the cement making process. And to be sincere, it was not relatable at all (I got a C)...

The usual cram and pour sufficed, though some tidbits stuck (clinkers for one)

Theory courses weren't my strengths because they were majorly vague....

Unless it can be told as a story (e.g Philosophy and Logic. I aced this one 🤣🤣) count me out.

Even Structures had to be explained in story form for it to sink (Tobi thank you😍😍)

Construction is beautiful, but there is a disconnect between theory knowledge and practical application. As I grow and learn, I hope to write about it all, and not the usual textbook style, no. I'd write about it in such a way that even those not in the field can relate and enjoy. That way, more young ones - even females - can be attracted to the industry.

To begin, I’m looking forward to an opportunity to visit the Lafarge plant, Ewekoro for a field trip.

Infact, any plant at all to experience and write about their processes.

The First Time with PEApod series would be a humanistic approach to explaining technical construction terms, taking readers through my first time experiences with me.

I'd start the series on March 4, World Engineering Day, with my visit to Escravos, Warri. Stay tuned!

(P.S This had been my wallpaper n screensaver since 2019😊. Talk about constants)

Till then, I am Ezeafulukwe Peace Adetutu, your top-of-the-mind writerpreneer passionate about adding value. I have a Big Dream of owning a construction company that meets world standard and empowers others.

Right now, I am a student of QHSES academy where I learn practical applications of Quality, occupational health, safety and sustainability - of importance in my journey.

I am interested in Real estate and Digital Marketing, and love writing and speaking to people in my free time.

Have a great year ahead!




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Ezeafulukwe Peace Adetutu

Ezeafulukwe Peace Adetutu

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