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With the endless number of tools to call a REST API, cURL remains one of the easiest ways to issue an HTTP request. Not to mention almost all API providers offer sample cURL commands. Now if you’re just coming out of that cave, cURL is a fantastic command-line tool to construct almost every HTTP action allowed in a browser such as GET, POST, PUT, Headers, and many more.

While it’s been relatively easy to make an HTTP request to extract or GET data, what hasn’t been straightforward is a way to parse and analyze the data returned from an HTTP request until now.

What is Quick cURL?

Knowi’s Quick cURL is a lightweight and easy-to-use online tool to execute command line requests and parse the response from xml, json, csv to tabular format.

Using Knowi’s Quick cURL tool we can issue an HTTP request to Quandl’s API to retrieve financial data, parse the results and apply advanced analysis. Quick cURL currently supports interaction with REST APIs using GET or POST commands.

The cURL sample command used is below if you want to give it a try:

curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" ""

To parse and analyze the returned data, we can leverage Knowi’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) to ask questions and get answers instantly.

The best part, Quick cURL allows you to save and share the output with a revision history with other users.

Try running an online curl command now!

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