Online cURL tool to authenticate JWT Bearer tokens

Postman has a great interface with support for numerous authorization flows. But nothing beats the simplicity of running your own cURL request to quickly retrieve a Bearer token.

Now if at this point, you’re wondering what a Bearer token is, this is an excellent piece on JWT and a hands-on to set one up.

However, if the command line terrifies you (that’s okay, we’ve all been there), Knowi’s online Quick cURL tool makes the experience easy and fun.

In this example, we’ll look at issuing a cURL command to retrieve a JWT token in 3 steps:

  1. head to
  2. enter request: curl -u knowi:carb0n
  3. hit submit and that’s all!
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The best part, Quick cURL parses your JSON response into a tabular format, without lifting a finger. Isn’t that nice!!

Give it a try with any cURL GET or POST requests or check out their other tool to parse JSON and build visualizations from REST API responses.

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Product & Engineering @ Knowi

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