Open sourcing a backend for auto-updating Electron apps

I found setting up an update server to be quite a headache for previous Electron apps I’ve built. I ended up using a self-hosted Nuts server tied to a private GitHub repo, but had to hack it in a few areas to make sure unlicensed users couldn’t access downloads/updates they weren’t supposed to, e.g. after their license expires.

I actually founded a company out of the frustration of all of that mess called Keygen. It offers a set of developer APIs for software licensing and distribution, with full support for licensed download links and auto-updates Electron apps (supports both Squirrel.Mac and Squirrel.Windows update frameworks).

Creating a new release on Keygen is as simple as the typical GitHub workflow you see for Electron apps, just set the release version, upload the file through Keygen’s admin dashboard and you’re off! 🚀

Thought I’d plug that in case any of your readers didn’t want to host and manage their own update server. Also might be a good choice for people who are wanting an app licensing solution too. 🙂

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