The MacBook

Six years ago my father gave me my first computer. This computer was special–it was the the 2008 MacBook Air. This computer was the 2008 version of the MacBook. It was thin and light, especially compared to the computers Apple sold at the time.

What did the computer give up to be so thin compared to the regular computers Apple sold at the time? It gave up battery, speed, and lots of ports. It had no ethernet or firewire, and instead of the thicker video-out plug used on the computers at the time, it had a micro-DVI plug (Nobody had a dongle for that). It also had a single USB port, a MagSafe power plug, and a headphone jack.

Today’s MacBook gives up even more to be even thinner. At the thickest points, the new MacBook is more than 6 mm thinner than my old MacBook Air. This computer however didn’t give up anything to reach that point. This MacBook boasts triple the battery life and far greater battery life than the MacBook Air. And it still has a USB (-C) and a headphone jack.

In 2008, the MacBook Air was not a computer for the “pros.” This can be seen in the reviews released at the time. The device was mocked for the reasons that today’s MacBook is: too thin, not powerful, and lacking ports. It was cool, but could never become a widely adopted computer. This was all proven wrong over time, as the MacBook Air is now incredibly possible across all age groups, and nobody makes the claims that were once made about its predecessors.

What am I trying to say through all of this? Just that the MacBook is a great device, and that it will take over. The MacBook Air may receive an update, but it will not last. the MacBook will become the device for high school and college students everywhere, as well as adults who just need a simple laptop. And for the “pro” users? They can continue purchasing the MacBook Pro, which as of this writing has seven ports and an SD card slot. Buy the computer that’s right for you.

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