On Focus

We can’t fight all the battles that we face, so learn to choose which ones you will fight.

If you are not doing the things you are good at, why spend so much time on the things that you aren’t suited to do in the first place? It is a waste of your energy. Swimming against the tide sets you up for a lifetime of misery and discontent.

There are so many ideas in the world waiting to be implemented. It always seems sexy to try and over-reach, to entertain thoughts on what things would be like if you went down a particular path. But if your core idea has not worked out yet, why are you spending time fantasizing about other things? Is it a form of escapism? Perhaps it would be much better if you maintained your focus on that single goal that you have been working on, and shut out all the other distractions that would detract you from it. The world’s most successful people have one thing in common, and that is that they have always carried their one good idea into fruition before moving on to another. It is always better to have one good idea than a multitude of mediocre or half-developed ones.


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