I get the dislike that others may have for Presidential Trump as he is very unpolished and seen as…
Mara Segal

You can’t accuse me of a lack of impartial reporting with a one-sided response; that is the epitome of the pot calling the kettle black. Nothing you said has anything to do with my article, and is just aimed at spreading right wing fallacies and senselessness. So let’s snuff them out:

  • Praising Bush for “pacifying” Iraq is like praising a drug dealer for attempting to save an overdosing customer. Bush began an unjust war in Iraq that slaughtered hundreds of thousands, destroyed the country, destabilized the entire region, and cost American taxpayers $1 trillion. There are legitimate criticisms to Obama’s policy in Iraq, but no policy would have been necessary had it not been for Bush’s actions. Everything Obama did in the Middle East, right or wrong, was necessary because of the damage Bush wreaked in the region.
  • Obama’s Iran Deal is not triggering a nuclear war, this is a clear lie. The deal has kept Iran from advancing its nuclear arsenal. Even Trump backed away from reneging on the deal even though he wanted to. The biggest threat for nuclear war in recent years has come from North Korea’s testing an ICBM a week ago, which happened under Trump’s watch, and despite his assertions it wouldn’t happen.
  • Your claim that Obama, Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton caused racial divisions is utterly despicable. The latter two are civil rights leaders who have worked to secure rights for black people in this country for years. There was racial strife in the sixties because people were fighting for those same rights. Obama did not encourage hatred of police, he encouraged an end to police killings due to racial bias. Your version of racial reconciliation, it seems, would entails minorities shutting up and knowing their place. It is you, not Obama, that yearns for going back in time.
  • Chelsea Clinton got paid in 2014, more than 13 years after her stint as First Daughter. Not at all the same as Ivanka being undemocratically anointed a political adviser and actively profiting from the White House as First Daughter.

I don’t much care what you want to call your political leanings, the right wing nuttery you have put forth cannot be hidden way just by saying “O, but Trump and Bush weren’t great guys” and some faux-libertarian mantras. We know better…

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