I'd been looking through the Bible for the past couple of weeks, in a bid to know wisdom. It's the principal thing. It's profitable to direct. But how is it gotten? How can it be described?

I decided that it would be easier for me to study this topic using my Bible's concordance. From Exodus 31:3 through Acts 7:10, I find that wisdom, especially great wisdom, is given by God.

Super. Next, I find out the characteristics of wisdom. I am surprised to see that they are all the same. First, Job 28:28 says it means to fear God, Deutronomy 4:7 talks about the fine laws of God, and this morning I open my Bible to Psalm 111:10. It reads:

I cast my mind back to the scripture that says God works in us both to will and to do his good pleasure. Then it strikes me: God is both the giver of wisdom, and the enabler of the wise. So I ask myself, "if it's all God, what's my place in this?"

The answer comes to me immediately. Since the fear of God is where wisdom starts, and obeying his laws is wisdom itself, it then means that to be wise, one has to know God, and know his laws. One and same thing.

It then means that to know his laws, one has to be conversant with the Holy Book (case in point, the Bible). As we daily look into the law of life, we shall become as He is.

With love,
Ubamara Ezenobi.



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