School portal as a service (SPAAS) is changing the Nigerian educational institutions


Online school portal is not a new technology to schools in Nigeria yet approximately 50% of school in Nigeria don’t have any effective school portal to carry out their academic activities. Reasons for this is based on how cost of implementing a school portal, high time of delivery and also most of the existing solutions are not effective.

So I wondered, why will a school need a school portal and I realized is that, every school must have a school portal as it enables school manage its students and teachers effectively, publish and download student’s result, online course registration, online school blog for news and events, an iterative school forum where student and teacher can collaborate and socialize, online examination and such much more

Schoolwe Technology as a company introduced the first ever school portal as a service, when I first heard school portal as a service, I asked “I already know of software as a service (SAAS) and platform as a service (PAAS) such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon web services which have really changed and evolved various industries in the technology sector. Then what is school portal as a service (SPAAS)”.

This is an online cloud based service which schools all over the globe are currently using to create and publish school portal, this made creation of school portal more easy and accessible than even creating a twitter or Facebook account. Also little did I know that several schools in Lagos has already used this service to create and power their school portal. The schoolwe supports creation of both tertiary and secondary school portal.

Then I realized what a school portal as a service (SPAAS) is and how it is transforming and changing educational institutions i.e. school have nothing to worry about and also give them an effective portal solution in regardless of the size of the school community.

On the other side of it, (SPAAS) is creating job for the locals because people have turned to school portal administrators by using schoolwe to deliver an effective school portal to schools. For more information about schoolwe visit