Screamed Society…

“You have nothing to lose, everyone is doing it and they are succeeding, when it comes to work, you can’t do without compromise or you will remain poor!” she exclaimed.

When it comes to relationships you better not be obsolete, how long do you need to know a man before dating him?. Once he says “Hi” you know him already what do you need his name for?, that is not important.

When you start dating, he is most likely going to feed your emotions with words and from the first day he will sing to you and tell you how much you have made his life count by saying “Yes”.

He would make you chuckle and blush then shower you with words of love, the first week will be all about you, once he begins to feed your emotions with words that’s when he begins to control your mind and probably your life and at this point my dear, you must conform.

“Keep him, I say…Keep him!” She repeated.

You must keep him because he is your man and such guys redefine relationships, they bring out the spark in it, but then, there are these set of guys who speak boredom to the ears, their seriousness is unthinkable. They talk, live and breath Christ, focusing on purpose, vision and love…what nonsense!?, What do they know about love?, you must not date these ones, they don’t satisfy, they are weak! they can’t give you pleasure and they will definitely bore you for life.

The former type of man will satisfy you, he will give you his time because he has something to gain and that’s the point! You too must be wise to gain too, if he is selfish, be selfish too! He is most likely going to feed his sexual drive and you must feed from his pocket as well, that’s (50/50)…that’s the gain involved.

When he leans to kiss you, you must answer with immediate effect because such guys don’t waste time, once they have been able to control your emotions you can’t say no, that’s why he begins the relationship by feeding on your emotions first with words of love.

Once a man can control your emotions, he can control your destiny…

they own you already and if you resist there is a high tendency you will feel condemned, you may lose him too, and that’s bad…you must never let this happen.

And don’t be bothered if it leads deeper beyond “just a kiss”, sex might be involved, but who cares? You shouldn’t care because you must always remember what you have to gain! The money is what you need.”

I began to look straight on, as society speaks I weigh every word with God’s word and remained silent, not making a move to what she has to say.


She screamed with every fibre of her personality as she became frustrated to my silence. “Don’t be fooled Catherine, you must conform!”

Society began to talk and rant, pressurizing me day and night…

But I kept on holding on to God’s word that says, “And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God : Romans‬ ‭12:2‬ ‭KJV‬‬”

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