Why you should take lots of selfies


I will hilariously tell you why I take a lot of selfies and then you’ll know why you should begin too.

I believe the word “selfie” was gotten from the word “self”, and the “fie” was gotten from err… we’ll figure that out later. I actually have a friend, Abiodun Tolulope (Abbey Tee) who cracks jokes and rhyme with words in a unique way, I should ask him where the “fie” was gotten from, I hope he doesn’t tell me “Fish”, I’ll just disown him.

Let me start by asking a few questions;

  1. Can you take about 10 selfies without smiling in just 1?
  2. Can you smile without feeling happy?

(I believe you’ve answered in your mind)


I don’t believe one can take about 10 selfies and not smile, even if you have no teeth or while doing the “unlooking” style (not looking at the camera to take a picture), I can assure you that after taking the fifth picture or so YOU MUST SMILE and if you don’t, you may be depressed! and I’m not joking, believe me.


When you smile, you feel happy, even if it’s a fake smile right?, I believe so.

Kwiksie and I, she’s such a funny and talented friend, very beautiful too, I love her.

Having said that, here’s why I, Catherine Ezenwammadu takes a lot of selfies.

  1. I get to see big pimples that I need to get rid of. (Did you think I was going to say something serious?, LOL!)
  2. I get to save pictures of amazing days when my makeup was on fleek, gold eyeshadow, nicely arched brows, red lipstick… etc. Even days when I slay. I mean!, I have to change my display picture once in a while and I can’t afford to look scurvy 😖
  3. Self awareness is key. Sometimes while taking a selfie I go “ Wow!, Catherine, you are beautiful!, just look at you.”, so taking selfies keeps me grateful for my eyes, nose, everything!…it’s amazing!
  4. I get to do spontaneous freestyles. Taking selfies can make you creative, let all the creative people in the house say “whoop whoop🙅”
  5. Memories, memories, memories!!!, don’t you love going through your pictures?, smiling at some, almost crying at others and deleting some pictures your not proud of, lol…I delete too much though (I can’t disgrace myself with some of my funny freestyles)
  6. It inspires throwbacks, uploading past pictures and seeing how far you’ve come is a great feeling, “tha” Lord has been faithful you know.
  7. I freeze the moment, like I’m doing the mannequin challenge. Some photographers will say, “Let’s capture or freeze amazing moments for you”. Thank God we don’t need a photographer to take a selfie, else photographers will be the richest persons on earth. Photographers are needed though, especially in weddings, full pictures need to be taken to be framed, although I plan to frame large selfies in my home someday (Bae should please take note).
  8. Happiness. I believe selfies can cure depression and boredom, it’s quite obvious, so take a random selfie today!
These are 8 reasons why I take lots of selfies, and 8 is just fine, if I should make it 9 you may just have to pay consultancy fee. I think I’ve tried. Right?…

It’s now time for pictures, pictures, pictures!!! 😍

Awww…I feel like crying looking at the faces of those I love, cherish and admire. Such a sappy feeling.


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(Such long names I have 😒).

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