“What is it gonna be like?”

That was the question I asked myself on the night of Sunday, 12th November 2018, just a few hours before the start of the Andela cycle 38 bootcamp. As someone that started programming just about 6 months prior, I felt some sort of accomplishment that I would be participating in the bootcamp. I was also anxious to know what an Andela bootcamp would be like, having heard so much about it.

Bootcamp started on the 13th of November, it has been just 9 days but it feels like months. It has been challenges upon…

I have heard a lot of things about Andela boot camps. The following are some words I have heard people use to describe it: “crazy”, “wild”, “tough”, “fast-paced”, “grueling”, “mental torture”. Four days into the cycle 38 boot camp, and I can’t find a single word that best describes my experience so far. I’d say my experience has been mixed.

The first day of the boot camp(on Monday) was nice. I had been looking forward to participating in an Andela boot camp right from my first ever application(in July 2018) and experiencing it for the first time on Monday was…

Over the past 3 weeks, I have been introduced to a lot of development tools/packages: Babel, Travis CI, Coveralls, Pivotal Tracker, JSON web token, bcrypt, supertest, istanbul. Those are the ones I can remember as I write this. But I am sure there are still more. I hadn’t used any of those tools until 3 weeks ago.

From all those tools, there are two that interest me the most, and they work together (with your test suite):

Travis CI and Coveralls.

I had been hearing about Automated Testing and Continous Integration for some time and when I was able to use it for the…

“At Andela, our values can be summarized as EPIC — Excellence, Passion, Integrity, and Collaboration. This module covers the fundamental principles of being EPIC.”

That is the first paragraph of the first chapter of the Andela homestudy curriculum(Integration).

On the 5th of July 2018, I got my first mail from Andela after my application for the Andela fellowship cycle 36. The mail came with a link to the homestudy curriculum which I clicked on immediately. …

“How can I learn database management with postgresql, how can I learn how to use Git/version control, how can I learn how to use pivotal tracker IN JUST ONE WEEK? Is this even possible?”

Those were the thoughts/questions that ran through my mind moments after I got the Andela boot camp invitation mail on 22nd October 2018. At first I was joyous that I had made it this far given that I considered myself a novice who only started programming 6 months prior. I also felt a sense of achievement. …

Ogbonna Ezenwa

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