My Experience in Bootcamp so far

3:14 AM:

I hadn’t bated an eyelid. This was because I had a deadline to meet. The instruction had been to create web templates from scratch, without using UI templates. There were many ways to do just that, many ways. For had the instruction not been to create the templates? Without any explicit declaration of who was to create them.

But I decided to do them myself, to write the pages from scratch — my first such attempt ever — even if it will jeopardize my chances of making Andela, I would have learnt something new. Which is part of why I started this journey in the first place.

10 AM the next day

The hall was alive, one could nearly smell the passion and talent and brimming enthusiasm among the 50 Andela aspirants. Lively and encouraging environment. After a warm welcome and introduction and preliminary, work started. I was amazed at how much potential the mind has — learning code tests in just about 4 hours and getting them to work. I learnt you could do just about anything you set your mind on.

A rough Lagos Monday morning notwithstanding, I took my feedback with calm and assurance. I was basically starting my templates all over.

7AM today

The work kept streaming in and the list approaches infinity. The main project was still in progress and feedback was still being worked on. Alarms and reminders and alerts also streaming in. I had decided to work at home today to convert traffic time to meaningful time (Lagos traffic is pretty popular).

I still battled to meet seemingly impossible deadlines without much success — this was because I put in my best in practically everything I did to a period. The journey has been a tough one, and is only getting tougher with challenges growing by the minute and the learning only leads to more learning.

Sometime in the future:

I want to be able to look back and realize that these challenges really helped me achieve my dream. That they helped me develop the mindset and discipline that means so much in the software development world, and emboldened me to take up on even tougher challenges.

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