42 — A love/letter to a dead/alive person

Understanding overcoming the introvert one that lives on you

To celebrate #SNDay2016

I am not a native speaking/writing english person. I live in Brazil and as many other people we do english classes in some moment in life. In one of this moments I have meet a man that really cares about me and my future. We never know from where comes our inspiration so we must keep looking for.

James Mathus was a man that lasted 38 years to appears to me. I was always a shy guy and have property to talk about this subject. Something occurs in the past that makes me develop this behavior. Maybe my super over protective mother, maybe some little friend on my street that have attached this characteristic on me. It also could be actually myself putting me on a box I didn’t never want to be on.

The more interesting fact is that James figure out what happened and how to overcome it. That it is I will tell you now. I didn’t figure out that facet of my behavior until James lighten right in front of my eyes.

I was a shy boy, a shy teenager and a shy adult and have attribute this to my fear of being heard, not being interesting or relevant. I always keep my ideas with me and just put it out on blog posts, documents, videogames and with the results of my quality work.

I never interrupt someone, in a meeting, trying to establish my positions or refute someone else beliefs on a meeting. I was always that shy, introvert, quiet and reserved person on the class until James opens my eyes.

So what James Mathus actually told me?

Look what he said: “Ezequias, when you not say you ideas on a meeting, when you think what you have to say is irrelevant you don’t make a bad thing just for yourself. Not saying what are your opinions to the other is not only bad for yourself but to the entire friends and the entire world”. “You have to give to the others the permission to know your ideas and being as blessed as you with it”.

At that moment I actually figure out how selfish I have become. It is important to notice what many shy people don’t realize that this is an act of selfishness.

No one want to be considered selfish or realize as a selfish person. But after that day I could notice that it was a my flaws. Since that day I fight with myself to being less shy and more giving to the world. I think I am going well compared with 2 years ago.

Thank you very much James. I know you couldn’t respond me but I can feel your fight to make me a better person wherever you are. You asked me also what is Ezequias about?

I am trying to answer this question day-by-day and will do it so until the last day of my life.

Thanks James. You where a great guy and is alive on my heart forever.

Ezequias Rocha

PS: James was a Teacher Minister Pastoral help Preaching biblical counselling and Private English Language teacher.
 Ezequias a skeptic and not a religious person.
My Shketchnote for #SNDay2016
My dear James Mathus
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