It’s understanding that what’s normal for you isn’t necessarily normal for your partner. It may in fact be the opposite!
Trust vs. Threat
Robert Solley

This is the point I let go

I live on only two things in a relationship, TRUST and COMMUNICATION. The moment any of those fade, I naturally begin to fade too, regardless how I try. I realized I’m like a reflection of whoever I date; what they give me is how I can be measured in the relationship and the hands that molds me must hold both trust and communication.

I prefer to give everybody I meet, not only in relationships, a 100% trust till they SHOW me they don’t deserve it. It comes with the heartbreaks but also it helps me discover treasures of people. I became that way cos the human nature is quick to judge and I’ve been the biggest victim of that till people meet me and get their addictions on. I see the world differently, with trust you can see that side of me as adorable but without trust it’ll be the slowest death that can ever happen to a woman. The truth is I invest in people, I feed on smiles, I love to be a part of lives and live to become great memories in hearts. Without trust that can mean a lot of wrongs. Sometimes I feel my girlfriend gets the least of me, but she always comes first and I’ll drop the world to make sure she does.

Again I’m like a skull full of stories, cos I expose myself out there to learn from people and that easily makes me a writer in real life. What I mean is, when I want to make a point let’s say about why I like pets, I don’t care if my mind burrowed that story from a memory from my EX girlfriend or the devil himself. If that’s the story, I’m sharing it, and it doesn’t mean I miss her or I’m clouding my thoughts with her. It means years of my life was with her and those years were part of my growing up whether she was a demon or not, and I can’t induce amnesia for an event that changed me. The part I fade, is when I realize I have to do the extra job of thinking through what I’m about to say, edit my words, code names, suppress the truth and rewrite that history before I speak. I’m sorry, I’m addicted to true stories and so I’ll rather stay quiet. My silence always means deeper thoughts, and ends up with adaptations. In the same way I like a lady who talks to me about everything, and I mean everything. It doesn’t have to be perfect. I’m actually addicted to the wrongs than the rights. When I say all of you, I mean all of you so I don’t mind if your story began from the only one person I hate in life. I’ll wear that true inquisitive fire in a child’s eye as he listens to the best bed time stories.

If you thinking like I once thought, where on earth can I find a woman not damaged enough or better still grown up enough to understand my truth? Well I don’t necessarily have to. All that’s required is a malleable mind, ready to judge you by you and not experience. If that still sounds rare to find, well I guess you should meet her then.