Who you are

To the mystery girl who stole my heart


You stole my focus from everything I adore till everyday I unveiled, became full of your allure.
You buried my strengths in your weakness till my interest shifted to healing your heart's injuries from its draining unrest.
But when your coffers overflowed with treasures, you set me up to steal a kiss from your lips, then you turned around to ask me why I slipped, so you can enjoy my silence bow to shame in your presence.
Awed by your highness, I take a bow queen!

Guilty of murder!

You killed my principles with a Cupid's arrow and left my will with only a surge of your thrill.
You stubbed my defense with your innocence till I lay vulnerable to your call like a slave addresses his mistress.
You drain my spells with your intrigue, and dress my wrist with shackles you anchor so tight to your heart's muscles.
Then you watch me drool to the taste of my own blood like every torture you brew into my wounds were pre-ordered

The devil's temptation!

The devil who makes me pray about my sins before I commit them; for every time I'm with you I long to seek them.
You put that gentleman in me to a test; and watch me fight my imagination as it massages your body in the very places that never hurt.
Yet you lure that respect I house in my mind of you, so I surrender only to your interest; the very reason I let my eyes disguise you in a sundress even when my interest is to pull out every string in your nightdress, just like the sun undresses the sky with the sunset.

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