Reality vs. Truth

Is Reality Real?

Let’s see…

As far as I have seen, everyone has their own reality.

Even 5 people living in the same house each have their own reality. What more millions of people? Billions of people?

So when they are asking you to accept reality, whose reality do you accept? Why?

So since everyone has their own reality, it follows that there must be many realities. If you are trying to find Reality, you will get lost because there are so many.

There are Many Realities, but there is only One Truth.

There is always only One Truth. Billions of people can have billions of opinions and theories, but there is always only one truth with regard to anything. Whenever Truth is discovered or revealed, people agree because there is no possibility to argue with what is True.

So instead of forcing yourself to accept reality, why don’t you Allow yourself to Find the Truth…

If indeed you are fortunate enough to find the Truth, that Truth will Set You Free

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