4 Proven Ways to Get Your Content Read As Soon As it is Published

After pressing the “publish” button, what next?

I’m pretty sure, you want your target audience to find them and read them. Right?

Yes, there is no point writing if no one gets to read what you’ve written.

But here is the deal, In this article you are going to learn 4 sure-fire ways of getting your post read immediately it’s been published.

1. Get an Email List

Many times, when people ask me when they should start building their email list?

My usual answer is this: Immediately you launch your website.

Its important you start early enough. So you’ll start your campaign from day 1, Even if its with one person.

Or maybe you are not sure this email thing really works, right? Yes it does, It works like charm.

See this statistics from the hustle, a tech and business newsletter company. the Hustle had over 500,000 readers in the first two months of launch according to an article by Sam Parr, CEO of the Hustle.

The hustle is a tech and business media company that is based on email newsletters. So, the 500,000 readers are all email based, isn’t that interesting?.

That means you can have as many people as possible to consume your content from your email.

An average internet user has an email account and checks their email at least 4 times a day.

More so, according to data by statista 34% of Americans say they check their emails all throughout the day.

Email marketing can help you build a relationship with your users as your users will be able to contact you directly, while you engage them.

That means they will more likely open your email, because they know you.

Data by HubSpot has shown that 64% of email users said they will open an email because they know the sender.

Interestingly, another data by superOffice has shown that an average of 33.59% of email open rate was noticed when 80,000 emails were sent.

So, you are sure that your emails will get opened when you have a list and you will have a better chance of your content been read as well which is your main goal.

Why not Up your game by building a list of your website visitors that are interested in what you do from start?

Then, you’ll notice that anytime you publish a post you definitely have people to read them without much work.

2. Write Actionable Headlines

Your headline is your only chance of making your target reader forget every other thing they’ve seen online and get into the body of your post.

This is a popular saying amongst marketers, 80% of readers won’t read beyond your headline, while only 20% will read the whole content i.e 8 out of 10 readers will will read your headline, while only 2 will read the body of your content.

And it’s still true.

So, it’s possible your post will get to the email of your subscribers and they’ll open the email but, might never click to read your post.

However, to get your audience to click on your headline and read your post, you should write a magnetic headline.

Headlines that capture attention, headlines that promise value to your audience, headlines that are pushy And you should really deliver what your headline promise, else you’ll lose your reader for life.

Brian Clark of copyblogger has a comprehensive beginner guide on creating magnetic head line. Download it here.

3. Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

While, adopting email marketing as a strategy to help you get your post across to your target audience is important, SEO might even give you a wider reach for a long time.

Especially when you have quality content.

Sean Jackson of Copyblogger recently said, “SEO is dead.” Yes, he was right.

Black-hat SEO is death -trying to trick Google to rank higher.

That SEO practice used to work in the past, but not anymore.

However, the good news is that white-hat SEO is still very much alive and is still very relevant in the recently updated Google’s Search Algorithm.

Here are a few SEO tactics you should practice when writing your article to make it rank high for your chosen keyword and increase it visibility.

Remember, it’s Human beings that will read your post while Search engines will crawl them and show them to your target audience when they search for it.


2.) Write Quality Content: Does your content meet Google’s content best practice as seen below?

Of course, it should. Use this as a guideline. The link behind the picture is a link to the content in the image above.

3.) Be Unique: Even if your niche is so competitive, be unique in all ways; from your style of writing to your quality of content.

Be sure to make an effective documentation of the content marketing strategy that suites our brand, finally, become a thought leader in your industry.

4.) Use Yoast SEO Wordpress Plugin: If wordpress is your content management system if choice, then Yoast SEO is a must have SEO plugin to guide you while you write.

Dont stuff keywords because you want to rank higher on them. Google will find out and penalize you.

5.)Traditional SEO: Finally, legitimately naturally linking to other relevant post within your blog, providing accurate keywords at the headlines and anchor text, and properly categorizing and tagging your content can add great value to your audience.

4. Social Media Marketing

Use social media to announce your blog post, build your audience with with Facebook pages and groups and finally, use Facebook ads to get a wider reach.


What is the essence of writing what no one will read?
 Try this methods, they’ve been proven to be great methods to get your content read as soon as they are published.
Let me get your own method of getting your post read when you hit the publish button.
 In the comment below.