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Learning other languages is fun. ‘Ji Ge’ means here, ‘Na Ge’ means there in Mandarin. Feels like the barrier is vanished. The way to communicate effectively is speaking the same language. I’ve read a saying “There is no stranger, only friends who haven’t met”, which I found really true. People feel more connected when they sounds the same verbally, not just people though, animals are too. A rooster will never response to a bark from dog, but they both know who makes the sound, it’s just they’ll never connect with each other.

Writing is the best way to express feelings, some good writers suggest that we should write everyday about anything. Don’t block anything that comes into mind and just put them into words. You feel better that way, or at least, I am.

Talking about people who can inspire you, there’s a lot in the list. Let me mention one name of my many favourite philosopher, Nelson Mandela. He’s obviously a great guy, known as a person who succeed at turning fear into compassion. His words are just gold, his behaviours are pure, and his intention is honest. We can learn a lot by exampling him.

“Out of the night that covers you, black as the pit from pole to pole, I care whatever not may come, as I am the master of my fate and a captain to my soul” — Nelson Mandela

This line are exceptionally special. It has gotten into me and somehow alter the perceived knowledge about fate and destiny. It tells you not to fear whatever may come your way because you can control your emotions and conquer your dream, most of the time.

Lie that always lead to another lie is another thing that keep bugging me. What if you lied for a better reason? Yeah, it could be worse, but don’t say we never live with a good lie. When there’s something at stake, a normal cognitive brain will always tend to create a reason, even if its doesn’t exist. For example, a trainee just came in to work and did an undone mistake. Will they not try to defend themselves because they don’t want to blew up their chances? Therefore, a lie has been spoke. It saved his day, his job and most importantly, he learned his lesson. So is that a good reason to lie? If he was being honest, will he get the same treatment?

Writing everyday is something that I would love to do. But given the fact that I’m not a good writer, the idea just stuck there and die…every time. Questions like ‘Am I capable to create such good piece?’, ‘Do I like what I write?’, ‘What if I ran out of words?’ playing melodiously each time I spend time writing. I guess the bottom line of these question is you may never know if you don’t try. So let it be my 2016 kind of thing.

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