When will Team Xecuter support for the Unhackable Nintendo Switch?

Do you have noticed the Team Xecuter’s new announcement? some players said their switch cannot be hacked, Are you also hitting the new patched Switches? Do you know what’s the news of SX Pro and SX OS? What’s the answer of Team Xecuter VS unhackable switch? following this article, we will show the answer to you.

Team Xecuter SX Pro VS unhackable switch

Team xecuter claims to be able to pierce even the recent versions of the switch with bootrom patched bugs! The last time Team Xecuter made an announcement, it was looking for Patched Nintendo Switch units for the Bootrom Frozen Rocket feat. Today the team is coming back for a new, more than worthwhile announcement! She would have found a solution for “non-hackable models”

The Team provided more information about the new iPatchs of the fuse set and especially the new values. But we do not know how it was able to access this new information since until now no Exploit was available for these patched units, and well according to her there would not be a single feat COLDBOOT there would be several, and not only the WARMBOOT (exploit that would have been, according to the ReSwitched team, sold by @ktemkin to Nintendo and therefore patched.)

Are you also hitting the new patched Switches?

SciresM suspects that Nintendo has used an iPatch system on the Nvidia Tegra chip to “burn” new protection code in the bootROM, thus eliminating the overflow error of the USB recovery mode that previously allowed to enter.

These bootROM iPatches are relatively simple for Nintendo to be implemented at the factory when the system is still in production, but it is impossible to load them on tens of millions of units that have already been sold before the exploit was made public. The good news is that these are NOT the new Mariko units that have been rumored for some time.

So if it’s not a Nintendo Switch hardware improvement, it’s possible to assume that the “protected” units were produced (and iPatch) earlier this year, long before the Fusée Gelée exploit became public in April, not it’s too hard to believe if you think about it.

Thefailoverflow team and the ReSwitched Team, who discovered similar exploits while working separately, claimed to have provided details of their exploits to both Nvidia and Nintendo months before making them public. So the latter could use this advantage to spread the protected hardware on the market a little earlier than expected.

That said, the discovery of this does not change anything for the Switches that have already been sold in the last few months. Thesecan not be “patched” and remain vulnerable to Fusée Gelée and may also continue to use Team TX’s SX OS.

Destiny wants these new units shipped with version 4.1.0 of the Nintendo Switch OS, which is still vulnerable to ‘Déjà-vú’ by SciresM.

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