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I noticed on Tuesday and Wednesday that I always woke up tired despite sleeping for about 7 hours at night and being the Type A girl, I told myself that if I slept for 7 hours at night, I had no reason not to work the next day. My schedule and deadlines won’t take care of themselves, so even though I’d sit on my table feeling real sleepy, disconnected from the work I was forcing myself to do and yawning indiscriminately 😂😂😂😂😂, I still kept pushing.

By Wednesday though, I had to ask myself — ‘what is the problem?’

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As I thought about purpose late last year, something became very clear to me

Purpose is defined from day 1 however, the assignments that will lead you to your purpose will be different in different seasons of life.

Many times, it will look or appear very dissatisfactory or annoying like ‘why can’t I just get there on a straight line’. No. There are glories you need to experience and growth processes you need to embrace. A good example of this is the young boy in the book — The Alchemist.

The different seasons in our lives equip us for where we are going. A lot grows in the place of our assignment so let us not relent or become weary in doing good. …

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In my last article our focus was on “How do I Forgive Myself” (because that is a legit struggle I know many women deal with), now let's talk about forgiving others and letting go of all that burden. Too often we think that because we’ve been hurt time and time again by ‘them’, our holding back on forgiveness is justified because heaven knows this people hurt you real deep and IT STILL HURTS everytime you think of it.

I was inspired to write this article because early this year I was on the phone with my cousin and the topic of forgiveness came up, I shared with her on how God led me to study more on forgiveness and I said something “most times, forgiveness will not happen in one day it is continuous. You wake up everyday, remember the hurt and pain and you declare & affirm that you will no longer let it hold you back because YOU have chosen to forgive regardless”.


Dr. Ezinne Meribe

Ezinne Meribe is the host of Beyond A Dress Size podcast, curating conversations that disrupt the health & fitness narrative for women of all shapes & sizes.

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