Fight for mosul

The so called fight for mosul has come to an end with Iraq and US declaring victory in mosul . Iraqi army has released a video with their national flag on the famous Al Noori mosque which was destroyed by ISIS a few weeks ago. It may look like a victory but it is merely a sign of relief and hope to drive ISIS out of the Iraq. Because this is just the success in military dimension of the mission the army have captured the area but it is still not 100% clear of terrorists. The real fight has now begun to drive out the fear they had brought in the lives of Iraqi people and the suffering they caused to the innocent civilians. It may have taken 9 months to liberate the mosul from ISIS but it will take more than 9 years to rebuild the city after the destruction that has been cost of this liberation. The cost of infrastructural development will be immense and the rehabilitation of the civilian will be much higher than expected. Although the infrastructural development is a challenge on its own but the physiological development of people who will live there will be the hardest part. To make those people, who have suffered from horrors of ISIS, believe that their home is now ready for them to return , that they can now live peacefully in same home where they had suffered previously for almost 2 decades. It will be the biggest challenge. Iraqi government will now have to quickly start the process of rebuilding the city with all of its needs. And most important task will to make sure that any other radical group like ISIS could never make Mosul their home.

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