Exchange Is the Backbone of Life in the Global Village

Stability was the curse of the Industrial Age. Mass production cannot be sustained if everything is in flux. Producers must know that there will be a market for their goods or the investment risk is too high. Even the shortest downturn could send profits into a downward spiral.

This is not the case in the Global Village. Just about everything is in flux, constrained only by the needs of the moment. In the Industrial Park, this would be called “instant gratification” but, in the Global Village it is simply “business as usual” because everyone is linked into The Exchange.

Need a lift to an appointment? Request a ride via the Exchange App. Want to call out for a large pizza? Order it on the Exchange. Need a room and a meal while touring? Book it on the Exchange.

The Exchange is not just another Smart Phone APP like eBay or Trivago. It is a way of life in the Global Village. No need to “own” anything. Just use what you need at the moment and pay for it via the Exchange. Make money by letting go of the things you are not using at the moment. It is all handled instantly using the logistic capability of the Exchange and the ability to deliver goods and services on demand.

In the Industrial Park, poverty was defined as not having what you needed to sustain yourself over long periods of time. In the Global Village, poverty is a state of mind that can be addressed by counseling. The Global Village Exchange is the 21st Century manifestation of the 20th Century iconic slogan…

You can get anything you want at Alice’s Restaurant.

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